Woodbridge Rotary Marathon

What's it all about ?

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July 2020, a number of endearing, energetic, enthusiastic and engaging Rotarians who are mostly of an unspecified age from Woodbridge Rotary Club are about to set out on fundraising activities, the like of which has never been seen in the club before.

The idea is to complete a marathon with members performing their personal activity 26 times.  This follows the exploits of Captain Sir Thomas Moore, or better known as Capt. Tom and a number of other energetic individuals raising funds for good causes.  On this occasion club members will be raising funds via sponsorship or by a donation for Headway Suffolk, providing rehabilitation for people with a neurological condition caused by an accident or disease and offering families, friends or carers respite, support and advice.  Like many other organisations, the club have been unable to pursue their normal fundraising activities during 2020 and are looking at other ways to help many worthy causes.

To start the ball rolling! Simon, who tells me he is one of the younger members of the club will be playing
26 games of golf croquet, each game lasting up to an hour.  Performing 26 times may have its inherent dangers for some, however, members have undertaken various activities throughout the weekend


Please donate to the marathon via PayPal.  All funds from this event will be donated to Headway Suffolk.

The Line Up of Events

Simon Holloway – playing 26 games of croquet

Simon Holloway is one of the younger members of the Club at 67 and is a member of Ipswich Croquet Club. He has agreed to play 26 games of Golf Croquet over the weekend. A game can last anything from 20 minutes to an hour. In Golf Croquet each hoop is like a hole in golf and the winner is the first person to get to 7 points. Simon will play his games in his garden and is also hoping to play some at the club with fellow members

David Sutton – will be walking 26 miles

David is a keen walker - especially if there might be a pub at the end of the road! He has not yet decided which walk to take but is keen to ensure he arrives at the end a couple of hours before his wife comes to collect him. Suffolk is delightful walking country with the big advantage of being relatively flat. A 26 mile walk is the closest David will ever come to completing a marathon.

Sandy Hamilton – taking 26 pictures around his village

John Pearson – walking 26 times from Kyson Point to the Tide Mill

John Pearson joined the rotary club of Woodbridge in 1975 He has spent a life time in the agricultural and horticultural industries retiring 16 years ago as the chief executive and principal of Otley College John has observed over many years the great job Headway does in helping head injured young people to rebuild and live a new life. John had a major operation last year on his hip so walking along the river path between Kyson Point and Woodbridge Tide Mill is part of his daily exercise.

Geoff Springett – walking 26 times around his garden

Geoff Springett has been a Rotarian since 1980. He retired to Suffolk to escape his 3 acre back breaking garden and downsize to a smaller more manageable plot and enjoy longer and more frequent holidays. Thwarted in this by lockdown, walking 26 times around it will let him appreciate all his horticultural efforts during lockdown and give him an opportunity to keep the weeds down.

Cliff Longman – chipping 26 golf balls successfully

Cliff Longman is a keen (and long suffering) golfer. He will chip golf balls at a target (a net about the size of a basketball ring) from 25m away until he manages to net 26 balls for Headway.  He will have to do this in the garden with a greenhouse in the background. He is looking forward to tomatoes later this year and hopes that he manages to net 26 before thinning one at this year’s crop.


Ashley Meyer - reading aloud 26 scenes from Shakespeare's plays

Experience of amateur dramatics many years ago, never been near a Drama School, Ashley will be giving a rendering of 26 scenes from Shakespeare's Plays in aid of the club’s Marathon Sports Event. Most of these scenes will be performed in his flat (neighbours beware!) Ashley will be performing 4 scenes-those with the fewest tongue -twisters! from the Band Stand in Elmhurst Park during the weekend.

Robin Sanders – walking from Woodbridge to Felixstowe and back (26 miles)

Robin is a sprightly if portly 66 year old (well for another couple of months) who has always felt it would be an interesting to walk between the two towns despite the lack of a riverside footpath all the way. 26 miles is probably pushing his limits but he needs to lose some weight so this will be a good start. Let's hope his old Achilles heel injury, which resurfaced three years ago doesn't kick in as hopping on one leg for miles, which he did when it went in his early twenties, is unlikely to be an feasible or appropriate option now.  if you see someone on all fours between Woodbridge and Felixstowe you can be pretty certain who it is. 

Edward Fletcher – walking around his garden 26 times

Edward Fletcher is one of the short standing and mature members of Woodbridge Rotary club. He excels in due diligence and is heavily into recycling including green matters, GMS. His hobbies include Scout walking, bungee jumping, golf and pigeon chasing- a newly introduced anti Packham sport. He abhors obsessive sports such as football, croquet, Nordic Skiing, white water rafting, eyebrow manicuring, so he intends to walk around his “estate” 26 times.


Ron Hepworth – will be playing 26 golf shots

Ron Hepworth MBE is our oldest member and at the sprightly age of 90 + he will be hitting 26 golf shots in his garden - using plastic practice balls. Anyone help supply him with some practice balls as his are currently all broken.


Roger Burgess – picking up 26 pieces of litter

Roger Burgess is a habitual Womble seen on duty on the Ipswich Road from time to time with his Rotary yellow jacket on, his best finds so far, a credit card with the remains of a takeaway meal. If you see him give him a toot on your car horn.


Jeff Dunn – walking 26 times around his garden + 26 upies

Jeff Dunn has been a Rotarian since 2005. He transferred to Woodbridge Rotary in 2014 having previously been a member of Harwich and Dovercourt Rotary where was President and Treasurer. Jeff has just finished his year as President of Woodbridge Rotary. He lists Music, Photography, Gardening, Table Tennis and watching sport as his interests. Jeff intends doing at least 26 keep uppies on each of the 26 circuits of his 110 foot garden.


John White – will be potting 26 plants for sale

"I have been potting-up plants for sale at charity events or stalls for many years. It has given me considerable pleasure to watch the small plants - generally! - thrive. In days gone by when I had a decent-sized greenhouse there were significant number of plants available but, now that I have retired, the number has inevitably decreased. However, my small garden and hobby has been a godsend during the current coronavirus horror show and has kept me reasonably sane.


John Treadway – donating £50 to Headway.


Keith Dowse – has already played 26 games of oldies double tennis

Keith has done his piece already playing 26 games of doubles tennis with 3 friends on June 19th. Slight jumping ahead of the gun but at least he has managed to do his task.

Robin Pivett – will be wondering around Kesgrave taking pictures of street signs and no doubt   reporting any that are broken and in need of repair.


This list is not exhaustive, please give generously to Headway Suffolk by clicking on the PayPal button at the top of this page.

Messages of Support ...

Sandy and Cath

Well done to Simon for organising the event and to all the Rotarians who participated.

Members of Ipswich Croquet Club

Well done Simon

The Rippons

Well done David Sutton. That's a long way to walk to a pub!


Fantastic charity to support - well done everyone 😀

David Wheatley

Well done David Sutton really great achievement now time to enjoy that beer

David Wheatley

Really great achievement


Well done Robin Sanders


Well done Robin. Very impressive but, as they say, 'use it or lose it!'

Simon W

Well done David S and Laurence on your marathon walk to the pub.

Ruth & Tim Parrett

Well earned, Simon



Go Rotarians GO! Fantastic endeavors for a fantastic cause. Sending you all sunshine

John Pitchford

Good walking, Robin

Chris and Pam Yelland

Good luck Robin

Simon Holloway

All the best to the rest of my colleagues

Susina Wheatley

Great effort and great cause!

Sue Bale

Go Robin Sanders!

Martin and Christina

Good luck to everyone, especially to David Sutton and his couple of hours in the pub at the end of his walk before Susina comes to collect him. 🤣

Gordon Mussett

Well done Robin

Mike Sutton

Good luck Robin

Headway Suffolk

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David at Headway Suffolk

Thanks everyone for your fantastic support and it's great to see so many different activities lined up! Please share with us any photos or videos on social media or by email (davidcrane@headwaysuffolk.org.uk) so we can share your efforts with our supporters. Thank you and enjoy! David

David Chittick

Good luck!

Jo Longman

Fabulous! Some of this made me laugh out loud! Good luck all!

Brendan McDonagh

Good luck!

Suffolk Coast Sailing

David Sutton, if there’s a pub at the other end you’ll probably run it.


Wishing you all the best with your respective endeavours.
Very commendable and extremely worthwhile cause.


Good luck to you all.I hope you raise lots of money.
I am very happy to support Headway.


Hope your week-end goes well, Simon, and you can still use your arms at the end of it!