2020 Ruff Stuff Forest Cycle Event


Covid-19 Update

Regrettably due to the difficulty and uncertainty of running mass events due to the pandemic it has been decided to cancel the usual format of the cycle event.  At the height of the pandemic our front line NHS services played a heroic and critical role to keep us all safe.  There were numerous examples of NHS staff putting the wellbeing of others first before themselves.  It seemed obvious to the Rotary club we needed to repurpose the usual cycle ride so that we can raise money to support our front line services

Using the Cycle Event to Support the Air Ambulance.

The Air Ambulance is one of these critical front line services that played a crucial role during the pandemic.  It also has many examples of coming to the aid of serious accidents with cyclists which has saved many lives

Therefore we have reached out to team up with East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA), and all proceeds will be donated to the EAAA fundraising appeal.

The 2020 Cycle Event Format

As we cannot safely hold mass gatherings, we are asking all the usual cycle participants to ride the same route on a day and time of their choice between October and November 2020.

The gives you the flexibility of still participating by yourself, or, meeting up with your usual groups of friends who may be within your "bubble".  Either way you can still get out and enjoy the forest trail.


Therefore we are asking that you donate the usual entry fee to the East Of England Air Ambulance on registration.  When you do so you will also be entered into the prize draw to win one of 3 prizes.  Additionally, we are hoping that cyclists can also raise additional funds and sponsorship by reaching out to all their friends on social media to support them taking part in the cycle ride.  For those raising additional sponsorship the EAAA have agreed to offer a xxx prize to those who have helped raise the most via sponsorship.

The Prizes

VIP Visit To East Anglian Ambulance Helicopter Airport

The East Anglian Air Ambulance have donated very special prize for the person who raises via sponsorship, or donates the highest amount.  The winner plus a guest will be offered a visit to view the new facilities at Norwich Airport and hopefully of course the helicopter*.  The visit will be on a date to be arranged, most likely Spring/Summer of 2021.

* The availability of the helicopter cannot be fully guaranteed on the day if it is needed on a call out for an operational emergency.  It is likely to return to base, but again, cannot be guaranteed.  Nonetheless, there will be other things to see

Prize Draws

Every cyclist who registers, donating their entry fee, will be entered into the special prize draw.  You will have the chance to win one of a number of great prizes.  We are working with the air ambulance and other sponsors, and will update the actual prizes very shortly.


Registration and payment for entry fees are now online.  Adults £10 and under 16 £5  

If You have Already Registered

Download Route Details

If you have already registered and paid the entry fee you can ...

Submit Sponsorship

If you are have raised additional sponsorship funds you can enter this online and register for the XXX proze draw...

If you wish to post a encouraging message of support, or useful information for other participants


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