Friends of The Rotary Club of Woodbridge

The Rotary  Club of Woodbridge is a team of friends working for the benefit of the communities of Woodbridge and District, and through Rotary International, good causes around the world.


Becoming a friend will give you:


  • A way of “sampling” rotary activity with no risk or commitment

  • A flexible way to give back to your community without the commitment or pressure to become a club member

  • A way of making a real difference with your time without having to dedicate significant time or energy to the cause


A friend of the club offers to help with club activities on an occasional basis.


  • Before applying to become a friend of the Rotary club of Woodbridge, you should meet with a club member for a brief discussion about what the club does and what you are able and willing to contribute.

  • There is no charge for being a friend.

  • You will add your contact details to a mailing list and will be informed of club activities in advance and be invited to take part if appropriate.

  • There is no time limit for how long you can be a friend.

  • Friends can respond to as many “calls for help” as they like, and may attend a limited number of other club lunches, meetings and events as the guest of a member.

  • A friend, or the club, can terminate participation in the friends scheme at any time without giving a reason.

Interested?  Contact: Jeff Dunn

Telephone: 01473 213877  or by email