We are a team of friends working for the benefit of the communities of Woodbridge and District and people around the world

70 Years of Service


Laptop Crisis Appeal for School Children

Woodbridge Rotary Club and The Rotary Club of Woodbridge Deben have been able to support a group of parents who are the driving force behind a Laptop Crisis Appeal, meeting the needs of Farlingaye High School and its 12 feeder Primary schools in providing ‘pupils-in-need’ with laptops

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RUFF STUFF Forest Event 

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Anytime - Oct to Feb 

see here for the full 2020 programme details.


We serve the Woodbridge community, and, through Rotary International, good causes around the world.


For example, we:

  • Help to run the Woodbridge Memory Cafe

  • Run a charity golf day at Woodbridge Golf Club

  • Raised £1/3 Million for good causes since 2000 

  • Contribute to the eradication of polio


For a breakdown of who has benefitted from our work, see here.


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If giving something back appeals to you:-


We consider small grants to help people with deserving causes - See more details Here.  If you would like to apply, use the application form Grant Application and follow the instructions on it.